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Sharing Your Explorer’s Story: Man and Mother Nature

By Mr.Sheng on June 25, 2018

Every day looking at the posts, today finally ready to write some articles, statement, I am not a writer, not a columnist, nor from the media, but in the electrical business, cross-border electricity, especially foreign trade export electricity industry battled for cross-border more than seven years old driver.

To introduce myself first, I begin to do 10 years cross-border export electrical business, there is a third party also has a proprietary platform, now have to do home, daily average of more than 5000 single, business involves independent platform and a third party, the third party platform such as open platform: Amazon Amazon, eBay, wish, aliexpress speed sell tong, ali ICBU, and even for Tmall, taobao, and JD, and closed platforms: Allegro, bol, lazada, and so on, to give oneself put a vacation recently, rest for a period of time, be free and at leisure, suddenly want to write something, can help to do the foreign trade export business of small and medium-sized sellers, cross-border electricity or ready to do export electrical business friends.

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Many of my friends asked me, can e-commerce still be done now? Good, many are asking this problem, I'll give you solve, now the domestic market, if you do good, unless you particularly high quality resources, particularly strong strength, general of small and medium-sized sellers, I suggest you, 2, 8 rules, pasting the thinking of you, (domestic electricity you have is just a Chinese export electricity you face is in addition to all the earth people outside of China), the domestic has been one of the red sea, the sea, if you don't want to continue to work for Mr. Ma that you can open the doors, see the outside world is wonderful! So if you want to ask me again? In the past seven years, the foreign market is also the red sea? I can very responsible answer, not necessarily! Still have a chance, 1. The higher the barriers, the greater the opportunity, language itself is a kind of trade barriers, let alone a small language 2. Chinese vendors, less chance more, the creation of Chinese ability, develop the ability of hot style mostly is very poor, but copying, fake, and with selling ability is the first! Say so, now is the small and medium - sized seller finally can do the big opportunity! If we don't seize the last chance, the future is almost impossible!

When it comes to export electrical business, cross-border electricity company, foreign trade electricity, you might be online everyday training institutions, online lectures, a great god said solution has been obtained, and even some what black science and technology, technology began to fool, that is all we play with the rest of the!!! Do not follow blindly. The best way to suit yourself is to learn things according to local conditions. Any one platform, no matter at home and abroad, regardless of the amazon or Tmall, whether Google or FB, new products and new account are supporting the period, usually 1 to 3 months, that is to say, in the period of support, shops and goods weight will be slightly higher, this is also a platform to encourage high-quality goods output, support the strategy of high quality businesses. Therefore, the new seller in the opening period of 1-3 months is very critical! The operation is proper, the wind is swift, the rear one is smooth, the wind is smooth; Improper operation, missed the support period, sorry, in the future you want to get up very difficult!

Heading 1-Get new customers through customer information

If you are not sure about the goods at the early stage, do not enter the warehouse as soon as you come up, FBA. Therefore, most new sellers cannot enter into FBA and warehouse for many goods, so self-delivered goods can be sold by this method. Every order has customer information, but what is the most important part of customer information? Phone number, address, order number, goods, and mail (mail is more special, letter amazon site hope to solve the problem, as a private information), other each information has his role. In the old customer marketing, the first is the address information, this is very important! First, you need to have your brochure with your star products, coupons, discount information for your next purchase, etc. Secondly, send these brochures to the customer when he orders them, in the package. Second, you can also let these customers guide you!

Heading 2-get real good comments!

Through method 1, the information and address of the customer can be obtained quickly and the customer can be contacted. At the same time, you can also extend the method to brush sheet, brush good comments, brush evaluation. Notice that the swish is real, not fake. New sellers who don't understand the rules must pay attention to the brush! The method is very simple, to the customer's address to send a letter and brochure, had better be left a good customer. Recommend him to buy other products at a discount or free gift.

Heading 3-Telemarketing!

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When it comes to telemarketing, I'm sure everyone in China hates it. Do you think foreigners will answer my phone? The answer is yes, but only if you choose a good time to play. Foreign buyers usually working time is 8 PM - 5 PM (individual companies and the company may not be the same) general advice to choose at the weekend, the second is working day 12-2 PM, 5 - this a few time to make a phone call at seven. What problems can telephones solve? First of all, the complaint, encountered the complaint must be the first time telephone and station letter. Telephone communication is far more sincere than email, and the case resolution rate of early phone calls is much higher than that of individual stations. Second, there are old customers return visit, with old customers to help you swish eggs! The specific way is many, have birthday return visit, shop celebrate return visit, holiday return visit and so on, can tell them you won the prize! We will send you a XXX product, which needs you to evaluate. If the other party agrees, we will pay them to take it. Of course, the choice of customers is also very particular, to give the bad evaluation of the non-choice, not interested in the non-choice,... If you want to feel this kind of method of trouble, but I would say that this method is safe, it is just my one of more than 100 kinds of shua egg method, swish eggs I will list, each have each advantages and disadvantages of different methods and different periods, if you go to the leveling brush hand units and individuals that brush egg, I'm sorry, and by that pull, my article you don't need to see, because you must be amazon lu!!! In addition, telemarketing if you have a good customer to talk to, you can recommend a lot of good products to her. And also can do return, return visit by phone, can know the customer for your product's true feelings and the suggestion, on top of this, you can do more accurate research and develop new products, this is the real customer demand oriented product development.