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Dietary choices have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Since almost half of the greenhouse gases associated with lifestyle are produced by livestock, eating meat or dairy products has a significant impact on an individual's carbon footprint. Two recent studies comparing the greenhouse gas emissions of vegetarians and non-vegetarians, from the UK and the us, have illustrated the impact.


In a blink of an eye, summer has entered a very hot stage. Do you still remember when you were a child, there was no takeaway food and no roadside stands? Come home from school in the summer a smelly sweat, mother always said: go to wash quickly, after washing a meal, mother made sesame paste cold noodles. At that time, although the cool noodles are simple, but special fragrance. Today we'll talk about mom's cool noodles.


There are a lot of food in the supermarket. Some of the food names look very similar, but they are completely different. Experts from the guangzhou food and drug administration have warned that consumers should read food labels carefully when selecting food products to avoid making mistakes.